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Lennar Digital Sylenth1 VSTi




The fourth generation, released in June 2018, is named after the concept of Chaos in music and the music of Amon Tobin. Release The software was originally developed by the Belgian company called Otogitsune based on the firmware version of the RME Blackbox and a score of actors, business partners and vinyl enthusiasts. Release History Critical reception Sylenth1's user interface is easy to understand, and synths are packed with features and knobs. But it's the sound quality that really makes the software stand out. "Where software synths tend to sound alike, with too few presets and too many knobs to play with, Sylenth1 brings to the table huge presets that can be accessed easily." "Sylenth1's "innovate" synthesis technique gives it a unique sound" Features Sylenth1 is a fully polyphonic VSTi synthesizer. Among the features are a wavetable oscillator, four monophonic oscillators, a unison oscillator, two filters, three analogue modulation effects, four LFO's, a spring reverb, a chorus, a bell and several additional effects including a noise and a delay. Unison and four-voice polyphony Sylenth1's 'innovate' synthesis technique allows the use of a unison oscillator which is a special oscillator that can only be used on a unison group. Each voice in the unison group is a replica of the unison oscillator and can be independently processed and controlled by using the unison group's parameters. Sylenth1 can also generate four voices for polyphony in addition to a unison group. Sensors Sample rate Sylenth1 can operate at any sample rate from 8-bit to 32-bit. Scope Sylenth1 can operate in any scope from 128-bit to unlimited. Envelopes Sylenth1 can operate with any type of Envelope from Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release, Random, Ritard, Gate and Rate to Modulation. Presets Sylenth1 has huge presets which can be accessed via the MIDI section and one of its two arpeggiators. Arpeggiator Sylenth1 has a unique arpeggiator with up to 32 assigned ar





Lennar Digital Sylenth1 VSTi

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